Three Elements of Legal Practice




With experience and expertise developed through practice for more than a decade working as a senior associate and then a partner of a major Swiss law firm, staffed with over ninety lawyers, I started my own private practice in January 2015, responding to my inner calling to help business owners, executives, and their employees in dealing with business-oriented issues having material implications under the law.

The core values of my belief and practice are honesty, integrity and trust. Such values make me able to excel in today’s community of economy and commerce requiring attorneys not only of legal and business integrated ability, but also of ethics, which has constituted an inseparable part of my mind and soul.

With my individualized and customized services for every client, I vow to assist and guide them in identifying, analyzing and managing legal risks. I provide outcome-efficient and cost-effective solutions for them to cope with and overcome issues and controversies of legal complex in the ever-changing society of today.

The focus of my private practice is on fulfilling the legal needs of start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and professional service providers. My proficiency in three languages (German, English and Turkish) facilitates a quicker, wider and deeper understanding of cross-border and cross-culture transactions and disputes.

My mission is to:

  1. Help my clients discover and apprehend their legal risks by listening, discussing, interacting, simulating and implementing a variety of scenario that can resolve their questions and problems from divergent but inter-connected facets;

  2. Work with my clients to identify, analyze and streamline business processes, so the risks are minimized and the results optimized from the perspectives at which law and commerce are converging;

  3. Provide business-workable, time-efficient and cost-effective solutions to legal projects, to resolving open legal disputes, to conciliating differences between my clients and sometime die-hard opponents at the other side of the table; and

  4. Achieve what my clients wish to achieve through my tailored services with insight and foresight of legal exposure that could be avoided or diminished at the upfront.

My legal services are of the quintessence in top quality advice, incomparable service with personal intimacy, and a fee structure well out-competing the orthodoxical, rigid and hourly charges attached to by traditional law firms.

My clients may expect recommendations in plain language, not legalistic jargon.